Weekly Menu

Breakfast Menu
1.Oatmeal, milk. Fruit
2.Buttermilk pancakes. Fruit. Milk
3.Bagel or croissants with cream cheese. Milk
4.Cereal with milk. Fruit
5.Muffin. Yogurt. Milk
Lunch Menu
1.Organic chicken soup with different kinds of vegetables or meatballs soup
2.Pasta with chicken or whole grain mac and cheese, with vegetables salad
3.Rice with fish, steamed vegetables
4.Mashed potatoes. Chicken breast, broccoli
5.Baked sweet potatoes, vegetable with eggs and bread crumbs
Snack Menu
1.Cheese sandwiches with milk. Fruit
2.Oatmeal cookies with milk.
3.Yogurt and fruit
4.Cheese cubes, vegetable salad. Fruit
5.Apple sauce, cut vegetable